Every year we as a trust run the "Pride of Eyemouth" award.  We ask the community for nominations and then put those nominated, who are willing, forward to a public vote.  The nominations are in. This year we've had a very good response. Please read the following and then use the survey monkey link at the bottom of the post to cast your vote. You can also vote in Occasions.

Voting closes Sat 28/10/17 @ Midnight

James Anderson
Jim Barrie
Coastguard Team
Eyemouth Enhancement Group
Eyemouth Herring Queen Committee
Henry Gray
Eyemouth Lifeboat  Crew
Wendy Lough
Colbie-Kate Ross
Douglas Stewart
Kevin Taylor
Jamie Thomson
Lib and Jim Windram

James Anderson- James has worked very  hard developing and inspiring  the Eyemouth Enhancement group and bringing together people of all ages to improve the town  through a regular programme of litter picking  and planting in Eyemouth ,to make a more pleasant living environment for the whole community .He  has been particularly successful in motivating  young people in the town to be involved.

Jim Barrie- Mr Barrie deserves this award because of the work he does for our local community. He works tirelessly and is passionate about our wee town. He is involved in several different groups. However the work he does for EHQ is outstanding. He is an inspiration.

Coastguard Team- They work hard all year round. They don't get enough thanks for the hard and dangerous job they do around our area. They get call outs all through the night. It's amazing job they do.

Eyemouth Enhancement Group- They work tirelessly as a group to make our town look better and feel proud to live here. There are too many to name here but they all need recognition for their efforts.

Eyemouth Herring Queen Committee- They work relentlessly every year all year through to put on an amazing festival for the benefit of the whole community and attracts visitors to the town.

Henry Gray- For his sporting contributions to the youth of Eyemouth.

Eyemouth Lifeboat Crew- In weather we would all run away from the lifeboat crew risk their lives saving others.

Wendy Lough- For her services to the community EHQ , ladies burns club.

Colbie-Kate Ross- A girl with health issues who could sit back but no she puts all in helping the community, volunteering in many different clubs etc and then a herring queen given the worst weather that could be but never took a smile of her face.

Douglas Stewart- For the work he does for Eyemouth community.

Kevin Taylor- Local Community First Responder Group. Over a 12 month period Kevin carried out 2,357 hours on call providing an Immediate Life Threatening Response to the Eyemouth community, attended 31 emergency calls and saved a number of lives who without his help may well have passed away.

Jamie Thomson- Jamie is a fantastic supporter for everything that is for the good of Eyemouth - fantastic part of Eyemouth pipe band in the past and now the EHQ committee - he never misses a meeting - is a positive contributor - active fund raiser and attends and supports every event - Jamie loves his town and the people in it and everyone knows him - he is such a polite man and an absolute credit to his family - he is "the pride of Eyemouth"!

Lib and Jim Windram- Lib is always a name I see volunteering when something needs done in the community offering her time and skills where needed. Jim whilst out dog walking in all weathers on his hands and knees weeding and removing slime from the steps at the ice plant at Gunsgreen basin, remarkable how much of their own time they give up to enhance our wee town worthy nominees, lots of us love living in this town but not many have the time to give, they are remarkable couple. She and Jim care for neglected parts of Eyemouth and I feel they should be thanked.

Thank You!



We have a few items of news from the last week......

Firstly SPLASH is back open again and will be up and running  as soon as we can!

Due to the 'pause' in the project and uncertainty surrounding the circumstances our Project Leader Sophie McNeill has moved on and is being replaced by Fiona White as Project Manager, well done and thank you Sophie, welcome and good luck Fiona.

We are lucky enough to have kept Susie on as our Volunteer coordinator and she will continue with her fantastic contribution to Splash, thank you Susie.

Our Board of Trustees has had some changes too;

Marina Kerr has stepped down as Chair and Andy Haddow is now the Chair of EDCT

Anne McNeill has handed the post of Treasurer to Douglas Stewart

Sina Anderson has also relinquished the post of Secretary and Gale Coates is now Secretary

Jennifer Girrity has now become a Trustee

We really cant thank these ladies enough for their tremendous hard work carried out over the past few years and appreciate all that they have done to get EDCT to its current position, we have asked them to stay on the Board, in the short term, to support us initially.

Anne & Sina have lived & breathed EDCT for a long time and the work that they have put into this is incredible and we salute you ladies x

Marina has invaluable knowledge and experience and has been a huge part in the growth of EDCT giving expert advice and support.

We will keep you all updated with our progress and events, an AGM is due at the end of November and we will make sure that you all have the date in plenty of time to get it into your diaries!

Pride of Eyemouth will also be taking place at the beginning of November so.....'watch this space....'

We have a new email now;


Eyemouth & District Community Trust

Initiative to Trust

Eyemouth & District Initiative Group was set up in 2011 by a group of volunteers wishing to help improve and promote the area. After a series of open meetings, public consultation and an EGM,  Eyemouth & District Community Trust (EDCT) Scottish Company number SC 438595  was formed in December 2012.

Through its members, the Trust engages in practical projects to improve and promote Eyemouth & District.  

The projects have been identified through consultation, questionnaires and public meetings about what is needed to improve our town and the quality of what is on offer for the community and visitors.  Many of the projects are not already provided by statutory groups or national organisations and so it is necessary to take the initiative to develop some areas. 

Development Trusts are demonstrating that local people can shape the future of their communities in ways that are sustainable, innovative and entrepreneurial.  They can ensure that the process of regeneration works.   

Eyemouth & District Community Trust became a SCIO on 5th August 2015

Our charity number is SC045880

SCIO is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation

Membership of the Trust is open to everyone over the age of 18 in the community by filling in a membership form. 
The Trust is managed by a Board of Charity Trustees elected by the members at the Annual General Meeting.  We aim to include a cross-section of local interests including young people, environmental interests, businesses and other groups in the area.  The Board of Trustees meets once a month and are responsible for the activities of the company

Become a Friend of EDCT

If you would like to support the work of the Trust but cannot become involved because of not living in the area or any other reason, you may like to consider becoming a “Friend of the Eyemouth & District Community Trust”.
 By becoming a “Friend of the Eyemouth & District Community Trust” you can opt to donate a sum of money. This can be a one-off donation, a yearly donation or a monthly donation paid directly into the bank account.

We will add you to our email list and make sure you are kept up to date with what is going on.  

Please let us know if we can help you with this, just email us at;


Volunteers wanted!!

Interested in volunteering?  

Help make changes and improvements to our area.  

Tell us what you can do - painting, joinery, plumbing, gardening, digging, general maintenance, applying for grants, paperwork, 

Working together we can improve our surroundings.




Eyemouth & District Community Trust (EDCT)is a

- Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisaion (SCIO).  The company has been formed to benefit the community of Eyemouth and District with the object of the advancement of citizenship or community development 


Eyemouth & District Community Trust is a Scottish Registered Company No. SC438595

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