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Splash - it's your space

Splash is an indoor/outdoor space and can be used for training, community events, markets, music and lots, lots more.

If you wish to use the space, please contact us at; edct2017@gmail.com

SPLASH has opened again and we hope to be up and running with our new Project Manager Fiona White and Susie Hopewell our Volunteer Coordinator asap

2016 - 2017 - Phase 2 of Splash

EDCT have been successful in securing a second round of funding from People & Communities Fund (PCF) from the Scottish Government.  

We are pleased to be taking this project forward to the next stage.  

The Project will focus on

  • supporting service providers to achieve social and economic outcomes 
  • developing on a volunteering strategy with a programme of volunteering
  • organising a range of e-learning training courses that are not provided by other partners 

Splash will be used for/as:

  • a meeting point for community voices to be heard 
  • social events & skill & entrepreneur training events 
  •  a base for signposting services & support 
  •  a space for encouraging active participation to work together on delivering the Town Plan 
  •  to provide local traders, social enterprises, community groups & businesses to increase opportunities for trade or fundraising 
  • base to improve health and emotional wellbeing 
  • delivering a range of educational & vocational courses at local level 


Setting up Splash

EDCT have been successful in obtaining the lease on the former Fishmarket on Harbour Road).

This will be a community space which can be used for fruit/veg market, craft markets, music venue, performing space and lots more.

EDCT have been successful in obtaining a grant to convert the space as well as employ a project manager.

This is a really exciting project for the community and we welcome volunteers and anyone interested in getting involved.

Progress to date:
 June 2015– awarded £20k from SSE and £60k from Peoples and Communities Fund to convert the space and employ a Project Leader, Project Officer and capital for community structure

· July 2015 – recruited a Project Officer to run TAM – Gale Coates

· September 2015 - EDCT now have the finalised lease for this space and the funding to convert ithave markets, offer training, music, any and all community events and ways of assisting the community to utilise this spacehave markets, offer training, music, any and all community events and ways of assisting the community to utilise this space

· October 2015 – Table top sales started at TAM

· November 2015 – Public Engagement Session with the communityand Business Gateway - introduced TEAM TAM - Youth Volunteers

· Nov/December 2015 - The Project Leader has been developing community networks and partnership working.

·  December 2015 - planning submission applied for a community space. A modular unit where meetings, training and other community forums can be held.
 · December 2015 - further funding being applied for to take the project past March 2016

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