Vision for Eyemouth

 EDCT has instigated the set up of the Vision for Eyemouth (V4E) group by inviting members of all organisation, members of the public and interested parties to work together on a strategic plan for Eyemouth.  This will help inform the development and regeneration of the town.

V4E has been working for the last 2 years on gathering information and planning.  Following a number of successful open meetings and consultations we have six categories within the plan.

1.  Eyemouth as First Port of Call from Land and Sea.

2.  Eyemouth as a Centre of Marine Excellence

3.  Eyemouth as an Eco Town.

4.  Living in a Healthy Town.

5.  Living in a Beautiful Town

6.  Living in a Friendly Town.

December 2015 - Granted £4,000 from SBC Quality of Life, to further develop The Town Plan – working in conjunction with Scotlands Towns Partnership


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